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Just saw this, I think it looks really great! Thanks for using ETFX :D

Thank you!

ETFX is a great Asset. I really like the effects.


Super fun game! I generally don't enjoy jam games much, but this was quite the exception. Art style was great; good color choice, and neon is always fun. Very clean design, and smooth controls. Amazing job for a week!


Really enjoyed this one. When I first read the judge feedback about the button mashing I though it was going to be too over powered. Instead I really enjoyed how, if a robot got knocked off course, there'd be this intense little minigame of omg I need to reposition the gun turret :P It's a small detail, but for some reason I really like their reaction to getting knocked off course haha

(also, if you're on the Bolt Discord, don't forget to pipe up so they can crown you the current Reigning Boltjammer :P )