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 W E L C O M E !

This is a fan made project based on the puzzle board game called Little Red Riding Hood made  by Smart Games.

My kids got this game called Little Red Riding Hood just before Christmas 2020 and after playing with them for one afternoon... I though "I'd love to recreate this cute little game in unity...." and so I made this.

This isn't really a game, there are no levels, there is no win or lose. It's more of a tool to create puzzles using the game pieces provided. If you have the actual booklet from the physical board game you can follow along and make those puzzles, or you just make your own!
Start by placing Little Red and the house anywhere on the board. Then you just have to create a path to get Little Red from her starting point to any of the doors on the house.
To make things harder you can place Trees as obstacles to make Little Red go around.
Then to make things even harder, you can place the Wolf on the board too!
If Little Red and the Wolf are both on the board, your goal is to make a path from both characters to different doors on the house.
Good luck, have fun and enjoy!


The entire project was made with unity in about 7 days.
All the meshes were created using the Clayxels by Spare Parts Oasis.
UI assets are from this Cartoon UI #2 by guiraffe.
All code was made using Bolt by Ludiq/Unity.

How does it work?
Download and just start making puzzles. This is intended as a tool to do exactly what you do with the real game. There is no puzzle check or anything. You can just place pieces rotate them and solve the puzzles you create. 

Will there be updates?
Not sure yet.... it was made just for fun, but if people want more and SmartGames doesn't get mad at me :D, then yes.

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