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Just prefacing this by saying that while there were some bugs I still very much enjoyed the game (especially the star boss), but yeah I found some bugs:

In level Blue 04 there is a dot near the top left of the map that you can't reach. It is around a corner but trying to get it bounces you back one space in even though it isn't a short move, so the dot is unreachable and the best you can get is 99%

The green boss can sometimes block you in when you are in the last section of green 08, as they will spawn in your path and not move no matter what you do, forcing a restart

In purple 06 there is a spot at the top to the left of the star where an arrow path sends you to a spot where the arrow back just sends you where you are already, trapping you. Purple 07 has a similar issue immediately to the left of the 3 by 3 square of purple hazard tiles, there is a corner with walls left and down where up and right both bounce you right back, trapping you.

Also the shop prices for the extra lives are incorrect, the price says 1000 for the first one and increases by 100 each time, and while the price does increase by 1000 each time it starts at 750

In red endless the game will sometimes generate an unreachable dot (there is no wall but there isn't a path to go to the dot) though never in a way that prevents you from proceeding

If you go to delete save data the cancel option just sits on the are you sure you want to delete your save data prompt rather than going back to the stats

I didn't find any path issues before blue 04, but I didn't 100% any non-08 levels after that so it would probably be a good idea to just go through blue 05--07 and purple 01-07 100% just to make sure there aren't any path issues I didn't run into.

WOW.... this is amazing!

I'm so happy you enjoyed the game enough to play through it's entirety and give me such great bug report feedback. I appreciate the time you took to do this.

Since I received the notification of your post, I started working on all of these bugs you listed. I am hoping to get them done asap and get a new build up on all platforms shortly after.

Again, I just want to say thank you. It's players like you that make this indie dev stuff so much fun. You're awesome!

Watch for the update and have fun getting to 100%!


I see that this game just got its Steam release this past week (congrats on that), does that mean that Rainbow World is finished now as well or is it still in development?

Rainbow World has been completed!
It consist of a single level with a randomized color layout and a "star boss" to defeat. 


Excellent! I know you've been plugging away at getting this game fully complete for at least a couple years now, congratulations on managing to stick with it that long and seeing it through to the end!


Will the completed game be available on Itch or will we have to purchase it on Steam?

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Hello eelskin!

The completed game is currently on itch. 

I just double checked and verified the latest windows version.  I made sure of this by deleting the game files and reinstalling the game from the itch windows app. After install was finished I opened up the game and saw the latest version number 1.0.4 was running and the Rainbow world is included. This should be the full completed version of the game.

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!!! Thanks!

I saw in the development log that the most recent update was  the inclusion of purple world, and I thought that meant the game hadn't been updated since then.

Downloading it now, and congratulations!

That's true... I never did a devlog for the final release. I have time now though, so maybe I'll write one up finally. :D
Thanks for playing the game! I'm glad you've enjoyed it and come back for the updates!


great design lol

Thank you, I’m happy to hear you like it. 
Thanks for playing!!!


I like the visuals a lot, and I'm looking forward to trying it again on desktop, but it seems like the solution to the second level is to time the moving obstacle, and I can't get the timing on a weak Android device.

Thank you! I hope your experience on the desktop is smoother.

It is possible for you you to lower the quality settings under the options area of the main menu maze or pause screen. Hopefully you'll be able to get a smoother gameplay experience with lower settings.

Can I ask, what android device are you currently using?


It's an LG that came with a prepaid contract, L322DL. Super low spec device.


Thank you for this beautiful game!


You are very welcome!
I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it.



Thank you so much!


Such a modern and coll take! These visuals are out of this world!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!


This looks like a very nice game. I am curious if there are any modding capabilities with this game (ex. creating your own mazes). Thank you.

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Thanks for the kind words! 
I am sorry to tell you, there is currently no way to create your own mazes.

I've honestly never thought of adding a maze editor... That is something I'll have to think about though. It's a very intriguing idea.

Currently, all of the mazes are created by hand. Including the paths, obstacles, and colors. I would need to make a pretty smart and easy to use editor. It may be something for a later date after the finished release though. Thank you!


This one's a really pretty little gem. Excellent work, sir.

Thank you for the kind comments and for playing!

I'm glad you're enjoying it.


Hey I got this in the  racial justice bundle and I'm really digging it! Bought it  individually too cause I was really enjoying it. Looking forward to the next worlds!

Would it be possible to make it so I can use the D-pad on my Xbox controller?



Awesome!! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!
The Blue World is actually very close to being ready! I'm looking to release it this month!

I'll definitely look into using the D-pad on the XBox controller... that would be a nice feature. πŸ‘πŸ»
Thank you for playing and thank you for the suggestion!

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Hello again eelskin, I have an update available now with your requested dpad support.

When you get a chance, grab the latest update and give it a play through. Let me know what you think and how the new controls work!

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Thank you so much! I find it much easier with the D-pad. I'm running into walls much less often.

Also Blue world is great! I love the music. Very chill.


Great news! It really does help... I've been using it on some of the very hard areas and it really helps stay in control a little better. Thank you again for the suggestion.


Not sure if this is intended but in the demo I could play the game horizontally but in the purchased game it force vertical orientation.


oh! Ok. This is not intended. I’ll get a new android build up as soon as I can. 
I’m in the middle of a move, so as soon as my PC is back up and running I’ll make a new build for android that removes the orientation limitation you’re seeing. Hopefully in the next few days. Once the new build is ready you should be able to play vertical or horizontal. Sorry about that. 


np great game love what i played so far

That’s awesome! Thank you for playing! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. πŸ‘πŸ»


Hey jwestbro11, I finally got sometime to check into this bug, and I downloaded the latest APK (v.0.4.86) onto my Android tablet and it looks like I am able to play in both portrait or landscape.

You can check your version in the main menu maze. At the start, swipe left towards the Audio Options and in the top right of that area you can see the version number. If you do have the latest version, and you're still unable to change the game screens orientation, you can email me at with your Android OS version, device name, and maybe we can figure it out together. Thanks!!

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In yellow 08, the best you can get is 75%

This is true... I have the bug cataloged and fix. πŸ‘πŸ»

It will be in the next update. Sorry about that πŸ˜Ÿ


ETA?  The game's fun, and i read there is a new color each update.

All done! Grab the latest version I just uploaded and you should be able to grab 100%!!

Thank you for the comments, I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's true, each "large update" has a new color world added. There are only two more full worlds left to make! Plus I'm adding in a survival, infinite level for each world.... plus the super colorful Rainbow World! πŸŒˆ

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Question... Is it possible to complete a Level 8 and not gain 100%

Just got through 08 YELLOW and got 82%, whereas the previous level 8's all gained 100% for completing, or as the difficulty is increasing are there multiple ways through the 'boss' level? Therefore to complete in itself does not guarantee a yellow star and 100% ?

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Actually, level 8's are built so that you are supposed to end with 100% every time. So if you got 82%, that would be a bug. I will look into that and see what I find. Thank you for pointing it out!

Also, since the level 8 design is randomized, the next time you do the level, it'll have a different layout and may allow you to get 100%. So if you try it again, you can unlock the permanent color aura for yellow. πŸ‘πŸ»

Edit: I just looked into it, and I was able to find the bug. It'll be fixed in the next upload. Sorry about that. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚️

A new build has been uploaded with this Yellow 08 bug fixed. Grab the most recent version and you should be able to get 100% now!! πŸ’₯

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Hi, just want to report a bug I found in the linux version of the latest release (0.4.84). In level 06 RED when you are in the position shown in the attached screenshot it is impossible to go right. You move to the right and it is as though the auto-move is still in operation from the previous square/arrow. You are immediately thrown left. You must restart the level.

Other than that minor (simple to fix?) issue all good. Nice game. Keep up the good work.

- Kieron


Another similar issue in 06 RED. You get stuck in the position shown below.


One final, but different issue on 06RED. You get stuck in an infinite loop of going up and down at the location shown in the following screen grab. You must kill the game to recover from this one. I'm sure you can determine location easily based on what is to the right of the image.

- Kieron


Oh my gosh!! Thank you for letting me know! I'll get all of these fixed up and a new build uploaded today! I have no idea how I introduced that bug to the level, but it's an easy fix. πŸ˜„

New build on the way! Thank you for pointing all of these out. πŸ‘πŸ»


Not a bother.

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A new build has been uploaded and ready for consumption πŸ˜‰

Thank you for the help! If you find anymore let me know! Post them here or email me at πŸ‘πŸ»


Linux build is a dev build, is that correct? :)

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Yes, the main release of the game is currently under development so all of them will have a "Dev Build" watermark at the bottom of the screen. The game is not the full release yet, but I am working on it everyday to get there!

I'll be updating it soon with the next world (Green)! So check back and grab the update.

Thank you for playing!! I hope you enjoy it!
Let me know if you run into any bugs or.... if you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it!



I really enjoy playing it. It's really coold. Simple but addictive... even if I still bump to walls :D that makes it a bit more fun for me...


That's great! I'm glad you enjoy it!

I still love the "bump into walls" action. Definitely adds a "fun" element to the precise movement of the game. 

Be sure to check back for updates, I'm still working on it everyday. I actually just uploaded a new build (0.4.84) that includes the Green World!


Hey Bobby! Please see my updated video for the new update on your game. Looking forward to the Dev Build! Loving the new update to the controls & this makes it a lot more enjoyable & rhythmic.


Another great video! Thank  you Aaron. Watching you it seems like the controls were a little easier to use. I did notice a few wall slams, but how did it feel overall? Did the small movements that move you back out feel alright? Or is that still something that should have full player control?

Glad to hear you're still enjoying the game. The "dev build" will be coming out soon (hopefully this week?)... it will include Orange world, giving you 8 more levels to explore. I still have a lot of mazes to design and complete, but I'll be updating the dev build as often as I can. Thanks again!


Hey, if I had a money I would definitely pay for this masterpiece! Everything : from art and music to game design and vfx is great! It reminds me new pac man puzzle. 


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed all the aspects of the game. Keep a look out for the upcoming Dev Build. It will cost a little bit of money, but it'll give you access to the full game, which will eventually include 72+ labyrinths to solve and new obstacles in each world to make your way through.

Thank you for downloading and taking the time to play through. I hope you come back for the updates and the up coming DevBuild. πŸ‘


It's a really fun-calm game, i feel like some sort of time rush mode would be cool


Thank you so much for playing and the kind words. I've been toying with the idea of having a "timed section" of a level later on in the game... and a possible leaderboard for the lowest total time to beat an entire world or get 100% in a world. The game currently does keep track of your time while your in a level (which you can view how long it took you to complete a level in the level select area of the main menu).

Great feedback! Thank you! πŸ‘πŸ»


Gave it a go...

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Great video and solid feedback. I'll definitely be adding in the volume slider controls. Thank you for taking the time to play through the game. Your honest feedback is so helpful and I appreciate that.

The movement is definitely something I'll need to think more about. The game currently works so that the player only has to make a directional choice when there's a need for player input. The cube moves to the next step if no input is needed from the player. The dots also attempt to help with that visually. Square dots you stop, smaller round dots you "flow through". The moves are also "stackable" so when the game gets more difficult you'll be able to plan the moves and input them in sequence to get through an obstacle. But with that said, you're not the only one that has talked about the control scheme, so it's definitely something I'll be looking into as an option or even default controls. 

Thank you Step Vibes πŸ‘


Hello Step Vibes!

I have uploaded a new update to the game with all new movement controls that I think you may find much more appealing. If you wouldn't mind updating and giving it another play through, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the new control scheme.

Although, I have no yet implemented a volume slider for the music, so you'll have to control that through your PC for now, but the new controls and movement have been redesigned with your comments in mind. I appreciate your honest feedback. It really helped me take a step back and look at the overall control scheme of the game.

Thanks again! I hope to hear your opinion of the new update.
- Bobby


Dude, the chase level was great! I like the concept overall, but it was a real change of pace when Triangular Pyramid Head showed up.

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Fantastic video!! So much fun to watch. Thank you for taking the time and playing through the entire demo. It's great to see your reactions and overall experience. Really awesome! 

 Glad to hear you enjoyed the chase level of Red 8 so much. I've been thinking if it would be a good idea to include a smaller chase sequence sooner in the world, or is it nice as a "final level" of the world?

A couple of quick notes for you based on your initial feedback during your game play.... The final game will have  9+ worlds with 8 levels in each world, totaling 72+ levels (there may be some hidden levels in the main menu labyrinth eventually... hint hint).  Also on another note, there is a "map" under the pause screen in the game to help locate missed dots. Also, 100% on all levels in a world will unlocked a "permanent-aura" of that color in the level select area. πŸ˜‰


Love everything you just said. 

As far as the chase goes, I think it's a good way to end because it's such an unexpected change. I think doing a mini version would reduce the fear.


Awesome! Thank you so much for helping. The feedback is super useful. πŸ™


Hello psychroclasm!

I have uploaded a new update to the demo with some new movement controls that I am hoping will help with the frequent wall impacts you experienced. If you wouldn't mind updating the game and giving it another play through, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the new control scheme.

The new controls and movement have been redesigned with comments I received from the first release of the demo in mind. I appreciated your feedback the first time around and I'd really love to hear what you think of the new overall control scheme of the game.

Thanks again for the time you've played and I hope to hear your opinion of the new update. 
- Bobby


This game is very beautiful! Simple, smart, easy and enjoyable to play. Good experience!
Well done


Thank you for playing and thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! πŸ‘πŸ»


Hey Bobby, I had a lot of fun playing your game & I decided to make a video about it for my YouTube channel. Looking forward to playing the full game when it is released.

The music, game design & colours really compliment each other well!

Keep up the great work.



Awesome!!! Thank you aza466. That video is great. It's amazing to see people play the game and how they approach the levels. I'm glad you hear you enjoyed it and that you'd recommend it to others. I appreciate the time you took to play through and provide commentary. It really makes for a great video of the game. You're awesome!

Hello Aaron!

I have completed and uploaded a new update to the demo with some all movement control changes that should help with the overall experience. If you wouldn't mind updating the game and giving it another play through, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the new control scheme.

The new controls and movement have been redesigned based on videos like yours and comments I received from the first release of the demo. I greatly appreciated your feedback during your first play through and I'd really love to hear what you think of the new overall control scheme.

Thanks again for the time you've taken to play and I hope to hear your opinion of the new update.  
- Bobby


hey Bobby hope you are well & keeping safe. Of course! I can fit this in this week actually. Thank you for the heads up!

Awesome! Thank you Aaron. I'm looking forward to it!