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Community Bolt Jam #1 - Entry
1st Place Winner!


Defend yourself against waves of enemies. Be careful with your movement though, every move you make, your enemy will make the same move.
You shoot, they shoot.
Watch yourself!


Move around the world  with a keyboard (W/A/S/D) or a Controller. Shoot or bomb any enemy you see and destroy enough to reach the goal defined in each level to move on.


Win by destroying enough enemies to reach the death goal in each level.
Lose by dying.


              MOVE  -  [ W/A/S/D ]
              PAUSE - [ Esc ]
              SHOOT - [ LMB ] 
              BOMB - [ RMB ]
PC Controller: 
              MOVE - [ Left Stick  
              SHOOT - [ Right Trigger / A button ]
              BOMB - [ B button ]


This game will get impossible at some point. Each time you win, the game adds an additional 5 enemies to the goal for the next level. So eventually there will be too many to defeat and I assume, you'll be overrun. If you do reach this point, you can go to "Settings" in the main menu and click the "Reset Save" button to start from the beginning again.


Bolt Graph Side by Side:
YouTube Video of bolt graphs

Asset Store Packages Used:
          - Bolt
          - Battle Royale Duo Polyart
          - Hierarchy2
          - GUI PRO Kit  - Casual Game
          - Easy Performant Outline
          - RPG Monster Wave Polyart
          - UModeler
          - Low Poly Ultimate Pack
          - Epic Toon FX


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MirrorEnemy.zip 25 MB


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Congratulations on the win!



Thank you for helping host the jam!


I am a huge fan of this art style so I was immediately drawn to this when seeing it. Having played some of Bobby's other work, it is great to see that the fun factor that I have come to know and love is there & is addictive. 

There is no end of fun with shooting enemies & blowing them up with bombs. 

I am always inspired when playing your games Bobby, so please carry on doing what you are doing. Can't wait to see what else you make over the course of this year. 

Thank you Aaron!

I'm glad you enjoyed it....  I love these types of games and it was  a blast to make.... I hope to get an update out for this one.