Blue World Released!


It's been a long while since the last update, but between moving twice and getting a whole new computer setup, life has taken some extra time to navigate. Now I'm back at it, and Blue World is ready to play with 8 new level and two new obstacles added. I also added dpad control on the pc controller as per a request from a fellow itch user. Thank you "eelskin" for the suggestion.

Introducing the two new obstacles: 

Lots of bug fixes were done for this latest update.  Almost every level has been touched. There are still bugs in there, so if you see any, email me at with some basic info to help me reproduce it.


Purple world is on my plate next. Along with some art updates and the inclusion of all the survival levels. I have plans to add/update a few UI elements for the game. My goal is to keep the UI to a minimum, but I'm starting to feel like it's a necessity in a few places. So, I'm going to add a few screens here and there, hopefully without breaking the flow of the game. 


Thank you to everyone that has purchased the full game or downloaded the demo. The game has been a long road to make, and I feel like I'm nearing the end. There's still a large amount of work ahead, but I am optimistic for a final release date of sometime this year.  Keep sending your feedback, it helps motivate me with positive energy and helps make the game better and better. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @BobBDub for my latest dev updates.

  - Bobby


LuminousDemo_Android.apk 78 MB
Feb 02, 2021
LuminousLabyrinth_Android.apk 183 MB
Feb 02, 2021 73 MB
Feb 02, 2021 134 MB
Feb 02, 2021 70 MB
Feb 02, 2021 131 MB
Feb 02, 2021
LuminousDemo_WinSetup.exe 55 MB
Feb 02, 2021
LuminousLabyrinth_Setup.exe 72 MB
Feb 02, 2021

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