New Art and Sound

Luminous Labyrinth has undergone a nice bump up in visuals and updated with a few new sounds!

The world is even more colorful and dynamic. With world color accents on every wall, plus a new wall highlighting system to let the player know where they've been throughout the maze.

All this is making way for the next update.... which will include an in-game "store" to use all those discovered glowing dots.... things like new player shapes, adding time to your protective color aura, add a visual spin to your glowing shape, and more!

Grab this latest update to check out the cool new visuals. The game is nearing completion.... two more worlds left to unlock.... The next update may be the released version!! After that it's time for a steam page, google play store, apple app store, and maybe... one day... Nintendo switch.

For those of you that have played the game or just want to be a super nice person, I'd love to get a rating... I want to hear from you! What do you like about the game... what do you not like about the game?? I feel like this is a different game... it's hard to describe what it is actually. If you have any comments, list them below, let me know your thoughts on the game!

Files 78 MB
May 14, 2021 145 MB
May 14, 2021
LuminousDemo_WinSetup.exe 48 MB
May 14, 2021 64 MB
May 14, 2021
LuminousLabyrinth_Setup.exe 67 MB
May 14, 2021 130 MB
May 14, 2021
LuminousDemo_Android.apk 71 MB
May 14, 2021
LuminousLabyrinth_Android.apk 185 MB
May 14, 2021

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