Luminous and it's Future Design... ... Help!

I've been thinking about Luminous a lot lately (with this extra time I've had off) and been looking at the overall work load left to finish the game. It is still a lot left.... another 6 worlds with 8 levels each totally 48 more levels!! So, I've been thinking how can I modify the game plan to make the workload more feasible

Here's what I've come up with... I would love for anyone to read through and tell me their thoughts?? Even if you haven't played the game your insight is helpful. But if you haven't you should download the demo (it's free) and check it out!! 😉 

Option 1:
Remove a few worlds to make the number of levels left to complete less. Take out worlds like Cyan, Pink, and Rainbow. Leaving 6 worlds with 8 levels, totally 40 levels in the final game. Maybe add Rainbow later as a DLC or free update.

Option 2:
Remove a few levels from each world. Leaving 5 levels in each world instead of 8. Plus removing Rainbow world. I can move other levels already made to other worlds, saving me some design time. This would result in 8 worlds, 5 levels each, totaling 40 levels. Also, maybe add Rainbow in later as a DLC or free update.

Option 3:
Keep all 9 worlds, but each world is unlocked through a certain number of stars or pellets collected. Each world only has one level, but it's randomly generated and basically infinite. They are built like level 8, with obstacles and a large "boss" type chasing you. If you die, you have to start over. Get as far as you can, collect as many stars or pellets as possible to unlock the next world. Aura's will exist in the level to help protect you from obstacles, but not the boss. Perma-Auras would be removed from the game.

Option 4:
Just keep going... suck it up and just get the work done, no matter how long it takes. The game is good, and to cut it short would be a disservice to the product. Keep going!!

Thank you for reading through this. Please let me know your honest feeling and feedback. I'd love to hear what you think. Your opinion means a lot to me, and the future design will benefit from your input. Just comment below and I'll be sure to read and reply.

Thank you,
 - Bobby 
(solo dev of Luminous Labyrinth)

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I would vote for option 2. Removing a few levels seems like less of a loss than the option 1 of removing a few worlds. You can always decide to revisit option 4 at a later date.

Option 3 seems like it could be more replayable, because the single level in each world is randomized, but at the same time, could be more stressful to always have a large boss chasing you, and it wouldn’t be possible to “learn” the level or practice in a more peaceful setting to get used to the game. Plus, one has to hope the automatic level generator is able to make levels as fun as the ones you would custom make. Keeping rainbow world seems like another plus of this option - no need to wait for a DLC or free update later.


Very good points Keith! Thank you for taking the time to read through and provide me some feedback. So far you are on point with others I have talked to about these ideas. Everyone seems to choose option 4 as their first choice. Saying the game is too good to alter the plan, and for me to finish it out. Then as a back up option 2 is the unanimous choice so far.

So my plan for now, unless something big changes in my life in the near future, I'm just going to "keep keepin' on" as they say, and  move forward with option 4, while trying to think of ways to be more efficient with my level creation and Unity workload. I think, in the end, it'll prove to be a better and more full game that the end player will enjoy. Plus, I won't feel like I shorted the game and it'll be something I can be proud of.

Also, I'd like to say your thoughts on option 3 bring up some good notes about the randomized levels and the player not being to learn them, plus the added stress of the boss following them. I think maybe the idea could be something fun for the "music" levels inside the game, as long as I remove the Boss chase aspect. The way I create those types of levels, they're not "completely" random. It more like I make multiple "sections" of the level and the code picks between them to create one whole level. I like the idea of making an endless level for people to just explore and listen to the amazing soundtrack. It could be something worth doing.

Thank you! 👍🏻